(Backyard.  Don’t mind the dog.)

I packed. We moved. Nothing was broken. 

I just wanted to get that out there. 

I’ve now also unpacked.  Perhaps I used a bit more paper than needed. 

This move, all things considered, has been an adventure.  I wont bore you with those details though. 

I can’t begin to explain our new place.  It has a huge backyard, full of lush green grass, a shed about 20’ by 30’, a new kitchen, four bedrooms, old wood floors, four floors (original tri-level), a certain traditional family feel, and all shaded by 100’ hardwoods.  Though I’m sure I’ll regret that this fall. 

This summer also brought with it the transition of the kids coming out of day care and pre-school and into daddy bootcamp for the summer.  I’m not sure who is getting bossed around more, them or me.  Come to find, our neighborhood has a huge family pool available to it.  It’s nothing too fancy, but it is the apotheosis of suburbia, working class family—Lampoon family type place.  Everything about this place fits nicely into how I’ve always imagined we’d start to raise our children.  In that sense, I kick them both out the back door on a daily basis and don’t allow them in until the bottoms of their feet are black. 

This is the first semester I’ve taken off from college since the Spring of 2007.  My educational journey is far different than the norm, but I suppose that’s the point.  I certainly would not be where I’m at had I not ventured the way I did. 

On that, I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose lately.  What is it, how it fits, why it fits, and where it positions me eventually.  One’s purpose, though likely far more motivational than I will venture to explain here, is paramount to understanding and comprehending values, things of importance, and direction.

I feel I’ve always had a lot of purpose.  In this general sense, my perception of purpose was or is purely my drive, aspiration to be better, always striving to win, finding ways to be different, and walking a path that clearly differentiated myself from others.  Though the highlights have been impressive, it has, on far more often occasion, not been perceived well, left me at the end of a grand culmination of effort with nothing to show, and generally been unorganized, thoughtless, and discombobulated.  By perception I’ve been arrogant, strong willed, and an ass.  By effort I’ve been pointed by happenstance and whims.  By scatter I’ve been stretched too thin far often than not. 

My purpose is legacy.  As I’ve come to find, or be shown, its not really what you do now that matters, its who, how, and to what end you change lives for generations to come that matters. 

All together it provides me with the motivation to continue on the path that I’m on—however difficult, long, or complicated. 

Aside from moving this summer, spending the summer at the pool with the two young ones, or traveling to see family, I’ve started to develop my own research focus. 

Without diving too far down the research rabbit hole (which will be a topic of a future post altogether), I’ll keep things fairly generalized.  I’m not truly sure how these concepts will pan out, relate, or end up expanding the field of educational psychology just yet, but they do spark my interest, seem to have promise to add to the scientific expanse, and incorporate my favored areas of psychology. 

I am currently exploring (which is likely the best way to explain this stage of research) how writing cognitive self-regulation can be described or explained through verbal protocol analysis or using verbal protocol to add to other means or methodologies.  In other words, I am interested in how children cognitively regulate, organize, and construct their writing.  Using verbal protocol analysis, which is simply having students speak every thought they have while writing, I believe a rich understanding of the cognitive process can be explained, or paired with another methodology to add to or develop a richer context or explanation.  As it sits now, some researchers have explored various perspectives using this methodology, however, I’m still exploring where gaps in the literature using this methodology exist and how I might develop future research to fill those gaps.  Its the start. 

My evenings are full of reading and trying not to get sucked into rabbit holes that have peaked my interest.  Though I believe that’s how things are figured out—maybe.

The days are starting to get warm here.  The sun shines early and stays late.  Carrington is in swim lessons and Adelaide is a smaller version (which is saying something) of her hard headed mother—pray for me. 


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