All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity.

– James F Cooper


Why do some people lack the will to be the best they can be?

What is it to be great?  Greatness can be subjectively defined I presume.  I can be great at being average.  However, to define “great” for this venue I’d say it is: The will to be highly significant or consequential.

Enter: Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G minor.   Here, if you’re not cool enough to have it on your computer:

You cannot tell me that it doesn’t clearly transpose to the presence of greatness, the elegant process of development, and triumph one proceeds with through the will to be great.  Further, through the elegance of the calm two voices are heard interacting.  As it often takes more than one person in life to truly inspire, mold, and create greatness.  As so often happens in life, calmness is but brief and true greatness can’t be held and developed quietly but for so long.  Rachmaninoff may or may not have truly meant for this piece to be correlated to the process of greatness, but it can easily stand in that mold.  As a note, the end, peaceful as it may, can be related to those that are truly great are also extremely humble and quiet about their success.

Emulation of greatness, or success for that matter, is but a natural tendency that is, and has been, repeated throughout the course of human history.  I find it very interesting that some people, or should I say most people don’t exactly seem to try all that hard.  Actually, I know few that give their all towards any one thing purposely and meaningfully.  To completely immerse yourself and push towards greatness takes undeniable determination, planning, will, and effort.  Such effort and will is very seldom found.  That does explain why there are but so many truly great people (by famous or professional standards).  That also begs the question of where do a majority of us stand?

To be blunt:  Fairly far off from great.

Purely saturated, engrained, and from the depths of deep that only few know, can this process be willed.  If you have met one of these types of people, you’d absolutely know it.  I say “these types” because in all honesty it takes a very particular type of person to become truly great at anything.  This type of person has to be unmatched at determination, free from sociological norms and conformity, and even free from natural norms such as marriage, children, economics, and trends.  Stop.

Do these types of people actually exist?  Yes.  By examining those that make it to higher levels of achievement and fame and fail to step to greatness and all but fall to the bottom.  Look at professional sports athletes everywhere.  They fall, and they fall hard.  However, look at those that push past all of the aforementioned distractions and achieve pure greatness.  They are the embodiment of true greatness.  Success.  However, and you should pause here and collect yourself; true greatness is only as true and great as those that consider it be such………….. 


Our will is not who makes us, but better yet the product of our effort to be great. 


The effort is not what explains us, but better yet defines our goals. 


The definition of our existence is not what justifies what we do, but better yet proves our legacy


Our legacy is not absolutely everything in life, but better yet where our heart stands at the end for all to see.


Give your all and push with everything you have.  Be better than yesterday.  Be great.


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