Where has time gone.

I’ve been busy and obviously lazy.  Most of my time is either sucked up by college or my own laziness.  It sure hasn’t helped that the Olympics are on.  I’m a huge fan of America and track and field.

If you hate sociology stop reading now.  I have words that need written.

What is a sociological construction? Who built this theme we live in or this perception for which we guild our existence?  It can obviously be argued that due to our inherent social and emotional intelligence (nowhere near the Goleman definition but more specifically towards Bar-On) we are restricted throughout life to a particular amount of constructed limits.  Such limits predetermine just about each action we do.  Current judicial guidelines are a clear example.  Laws generally make common sense and are typically in-line with the majority’s view upon right and wrong and their rightful consequences.  When deviations exist, consequences are enacted or rulings of insanity are present.  As such, each of us exists within a particular stratification dependent upon numerous criteria and demographics.  This immediate society is specifically what governs us.

The process to change one’s sociological stratification across predefined immediate social boundaries and rules is inherently arduous.  To jump ship is but to deviate and infract against set social norms. 

This stands to explain that not everyone is intrinsically held from being great, as social oppression can hold even the greatest down.   To marginalize such limits, deviations from what is normal have to be broken.


Everything for which I currently want/wish to do in life is beyond my immediate stratification within my society.  I constantly feel socially oppressed.  I have a ton of academic and personal goals. I will either finish a PhD and eventually teach college, or I will venture off to medical school.   I’m just over ten years in the military.  Anyone that knows anything about being in the military will tell you that I’m stuck for another ten years and it would be a complete travesty if I depart prior to receiving my 20 year retirement.   I know, I could easily just finish the next three years and venture back into college or medical school.  That’s a hell of a lot easier said, than done.  I will not dive head first into how money drives and pushes us all around.  Having the means to support my family is obviously paramount.  Determining to what degree I’m willing to marginalize that for the sake of personal happiness is a completely different story.  I don’t enjoy being stuck.  I don’t enjoy being forced away from my goals.

Having enough will and foresight to successfully depart such immediate social constructions and venture towards the completion of life long goals is the true question.

Regardless, the effort for which we all marginalize socially constructed norms towards internal gratification and goals is what ultimately defines our greatness.


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