Explanation of Nutrition

First off, I’m no expert.

My wife, however, will probably tell you that I believe I might be an expert and that I will surely talk for hours on the subject of nutrition.  I’ll try to keep this short.

Nutritional understanding and dietary change changed my life.  Pure and simple.  I, at one time, sided with a majority of America in my understanding of nutrition.  I clearly bought into the majority of marketing adds and labels in supermarkets and fairly naturally believed everything the FDA broadcasted.  They were the experts right?  Who knew!

I’ve been asked probably 30 times in the past year what I eat and how I support the training I so willingly put myself through.  Typically the first thing I say is, “real food; food that has grown.”  Simple enough.  Clearly everyone then asks, “well what does that mean?” Then things get slightly retarded, extended, broad, and obviously benign.  You can ask my wife, I’m extremely simple in what I eat.  I’m perfectly happy eating any type of grilled meat and a bowl of steamed vegetables each and every night.  Probably till I die.

The easiest way to fully explain my view on nutrition is this: I eat lean meats, nutrient dense vegetables and fruit.  Typically the following: chicken, pork, beef, fish, and eggs; broccoli, cauliflower, salad stuff (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach), and a lot more spinach; apples, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries.  That is probably 98% of what I eat on a regular basis.  I’m dead serious.

This is exactly what I ate today.


4 Eggs cooked in half bacon grease (because it’s obviously delicious) and coconut oil

3 pieces Whole Foods bacon

1 bannanna

1 hand full of blueberries

Lunch: (I was in a hurry) It was also right after today’s training session.

1 Scoop Stronger, Faster, Healthier whey protein with whole milk

8 slices turkey

1 apple


Half (probably about a pound or more)of a pork tenderloin that I cooked yesterday with carrots

1 apple


2 Tablespoons Carlson’s fish oil –probably about 9-10g’s Omega-3s.

1 handful grapes

6 strawberries

2 squares of silly really dark chocolate that Lauren wont eat

That’s pretty much my diet each and every day.  It does, however, vary if I completely wear myself out.  I’ll add an extra scoop of protein and generally just eat more of the same until I’m full.

I’m gonna go ahead and add a disclaimer here.  How much you eat should somewhat correlate to how much physical expenditure you put yourself through.  I pretty much eat until I’m full.  I didn’t eat like that when I was 50lbs heavier and trying to lose weight.  I weighted and measured my food by the zone diet.  I don’t believe the zone diet’s food limits would fit my energy expenditure level currently.

You’ll also notice a few things.  I don’t eat nuts.  I use to eat nuts.  Let me explain something.

My diet has constantly and progressively changed for about two years.  When I learn something new, I change it to fit what I believe is valid, often peer reviewed type knowledge.

Some nuts contain a crap ton of Omega-6 fat.  This changes the ratio between 3 and 6 and can cause inflammation.

Here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090529183250.htm

This is just one example of the type of stuff I read.  I subscribe to and read daily from www.physorg.com and http://www.sciencedaily.com .   Educate yourself.  Stay up-to-date on nutritional research and just educate yourself.

As such, I try to eat organic, nitrate free, and clean foods.

I’ve also gotten a lot of crap for the way I eat.  By crap, I mean people don’t understand and think I’m some type of super perfectionistic extrinsic vegan-like picky eater.  This probably translates to the cult of exercise that I follow too.

Most of these questions stem around why I don’t eat bread or pasta.  I’ll break this down.  I dont eat processed stuff.  Neither are real.  Most importantly, I dont eat and stay away from high glycemic carbohydrates.  “Oh, so you don’t eat carbohydrates???”  I’ve heard that about a million times.  A lot of people don’t know that fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates.

High glycemic carbohydrates make your blood sugar rise very quickly.  As a result your body dumps a ton of insulin in your blood to push your sugar levels back to a manageable homeostasis.  As you continually do this to your body your body becomes INSULIN RESISTANT.  This process massively contributes to how, and to what extent, your body stores, uses, and marginalizes fat cells.  Once you get fat, your body then, to make things worse, reduces how well it interacts with insulin and a magical physiological type 2 diabetes, insulin resistant, and morbidly obese cycle presents itself.  Let’s not then correlate this to risk levels of cardiovascular disease.

Blow your mind and read this: http://www.jci.org/articles/view/10842

In conclusion, I eat clean, healthy, delicious food.  Do your research and find a better way.  Live by that.

Oh, I also eat pizza about once a month or so.  I’m human.


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