Two worlds will soon collide. I’m going camping in a tent….in the mountains…  (with water and electric) with my beautiful wife Lauren next month.  Oh wait… I know what you’re thinking.  No, her tent camping is not the two worlds that will soon collide.  I’m going on vacation (camping) with Lauren and then directly to a full weekend of CrossFit competition.  The best of both worlds—collided.

What does this next CrossFit competition mean to me?  Let’s go through some history here.  My first real CrossFit competition was in Jacksonville, Florida during the 2010 CrossFit Games Dirty South Regional Qualifier.  I was a member of a team we put together from CrossFit Cherry Point.  In comparison to today I was weak both mentally and physically.  It was an eye opener.  Fast forward two years and ten competitions later; I’ve grown a lot in respect to outlook and perspective.

Defining who I am and what I want out of the things I do in life are quickly becoming more of an issue.  You only have but some much time on this planet to express and determine who you are and what you’re going to do.  What do I want my daughter to think I represent and have become?  I’m not out to make others like me.  Nor do I want to express that I only exist to fit what is socially trending.  I’m ultimately here to be the best, win everything I can, and love and support my wife and daughter.  Supporting who I am inherently is a requirement.  I have to be who I am first and foremost.  What you do in life, in my opinion, should only support who you are.   I will be better than most, stronger than many, and smarter than just about everyone.  Why? Because that is who I am.  Perceive what you wish, because my own perspective will always be more important.

I believe this translates and stands to represent a lot about both myself and a community that exists within CrossFit.  Numerous social groups, trends, and stratifications exist in CrossFit.  It’s obvious everywhere you look.  We are a group that is perfectly comfortable being defined by our simple existence to accomplish and be demolished by workouts.  We’re also extremely comfortable, or maybe comfortable in a non-conformist manner, towards extrinsic representations and perceptions.  This is a community that exists as a family.  One that is elitist by nature yet inviting by social grouping.  We do not eat our own, nor do we demonize the weak. 

I believe a lot of good people exist that favor these traits.  Corral those people into a group and you most likely have just defined a large majority of each and every athlete that trends towards CrossFit.  As such, a competitive nature typically drives the masses.  This is most obviously representative in group classes and defined by those who compete in this sport.

You will be humbled by competition and, if you’re like me, beaten to the point of will that drives most to push above where you faltered.  Not only is competition a place to define what you are and mark where you want to be, it’s a place that relates to the community for which we live.

Defining who you are through competition is yet another facet to project yourself for who you are.  If your will is to leave everything on the steps of physical capacity and be responsible for your downfalls, then so be it.  It is what defines who you are amongst a community and a family for which will cheer at your success in life, support your ascension from failure, and perceive who you truly are.


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